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First Time Wakeboarding

The first time I laid my hands on a wakeboard I was 10 years old. It was my older cousin’s board, and I begged him to take me along to his riding session with his friends. He reluctantly agreed as I could be a very convincing, on the verge of annoying, 10-year-old.

I remember how cool I thought he was. I totally looked up to Max. He was cool, very charismatic and always lit up the entire room. I felt like the coolest kid on the block when he came by in his jeep to pick me up. He brought along a smaller board for me, and I was ecstatic.

The moment came when I buckled up my life jacket. I was nervous buckling it up, but extremely excited to get in the water. The wakeboard was slightly heavy, so I felt confident in my fast learning abilities. I had picked up surfing in one day, so I though with wakeboarding it would be about the same. The one thing I didn’t want, was to look like an idiot in front of my cousin and all his awesome friends.

Well, my hopes soon went down the drain. I don’t think I’ve swallowed more water than those first 10 rounds. It’s really comical now, but back then I was trying my hardest to not throw a fit.

Looking back at it, we always laugh because I was this tiny 10-year-old, with on the verge of throwing a tantrum in the water. My cousin stopped the boat and he gave me some very wise words. He said “Feel the water. Don’t resist so much.” It ended up working because I was able to half stand up during the next round, and within 5 minutes I was already fully getting up.

It was a very memorable day. How was your first time wakeboarding? Who taught you how to wakeboard? Share your stories!