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The Solmar Lake Ontario 300 Challenge is organized jointly by the Port Credit Yacht Club (PCYC) and the Oakville Yacht Squadron (OYS). Please feel free to contact any of the organizing committee members directly with any questions or comments:

Member Contact information
Chair: Brian Townsend Bus: 800-465-3062 x 740
Res: 647-272-2127
Vice Chair PCYC: Ian McAllister Bus: 1-800-479-6603 x 656
Vice Chair OYS: Bill Frenke Phone: 905-849-4653
Treasurer: Lyn TownsendBus: 905-829-8600
Registrar: Sandra Kennedy Bus/Res: 905-484-6986
Promotion: Jonathan Vinden Phone: 905-823-2467
Publicity: Lyn Townsend Bus: 905-829-8600
Sponsorship/Secretary: Andrea Mooney Phone: 416-361-5064
Race Officer: Robin MerryPhone: tba
Race Committee:TBA
Harbourmaster: Mike PietzCell: 416-364-2919
Safety Officer: Carson Woods
Website: Sandra Kennedy Bus/Res: 905-484-6986
Media Development: Guy PerrinBus: 905-277-6425
Res: 905-565-8855
You are also welcome to
telephone or write:
Oakville Yacht Squadron
P.O. Box 144
Oakville, Ontario L6J 4Z5

Port Credit Yacht Club
115 Lakefront Promenade
Mississauga, Ontario L5E 3G6

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The Solmar Lake Ontario 300 Challenge is organized jointly by the
Oakville Yacht Squadron and the Port Credit Yacht Club.
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