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One of the goals of the Organizing Committee is to make the race easy to enter and attractive to all categories of qualified yachts. Volunteer members of the Committee are available to answer questions and assist prospective entrants. Let us hear your questions and concerns. The quickest way is to contact a Committee Member directly, or e-mail us at info@lakeontario300.org.

Question: How do I know if my yacht will qualify?
Answer: The Solmar Lake Ontario 300 Challenge is for single hulled sailing vessels with L.O.A. not less than 24 feet and manned by a skipper and crew who have demonstrated recent competency in yacht racing or passage making. The yacht must have a PHRF Rating Certificate to determine the exact rating to be afforded to your vessel.

Question: Do I need to be a member of a yacht club?
Answer: Yes, you must be a member of a recognized CYA yacht club - for insurance purposes. If you are not currently a member of a yacht club, there are alternatives: You may join Port Credit Yacht Club as a Crew member, for full use of facilities and pool May to November. Alternatively, you can join Oakville Yacht Squadron as an Associate member for full use of facilities all year. Most yacht clubs around the lake have some sort of Associate membership. Details for all these memberships can be found on the individual clubs' websites.

Question: I have not raced long distance in the past but have many miles of cruising/passage making. Will this suffice?
Answer: You are most welcome. Many cruisers have more experience over long distances than racers.

Question: What division does my yacht belong in?
Answer: The race will be divided into two Classes: Fully Crewed Yachts and Double Handed Yachts. Each Class will consist of one or more Divisions. The Double Handed Class will be divided into Spinnaker and White Sail (NFS) Fleets.

Question: How do I get my boat measured to enter the race?
Answer: The race involves yachts of different designs and sizes. Because boat speed is a function of hull design and sail size, each yacht is assigned a rating based on these factors. The system used is the Performance Handicap Racing Fleet - Lake Ontario. This rating is then applied to the yachts elapsed time to determine her final position in the race. Because of this, the order of finish is very often different from the final standings. A big yacht may finish well ahead of a smaller yacht, but because this was expected, the bigger yacht will end up losing since she did not beat the smaller yacht by as much as her rating said she should. If you visit this web site during the race, the Race Results will be updated as the yachts finish, and will show how positions change depending on how well each yacht does in beating the competition by as much as she had to.

Question: When is the best time to get a yacht measured?
Answer: As soon as you can. If at all possible, get the shore measurement done as soon as possible. Contact your club PHRF measurer and arrange a date.

Question: How do I get my yacht ready for the Pre-Race Inspection?
Answer: Obtain a copy of the Solmar Lake Ontario 300 Challenge Mandatory Equipment Requirements, otherwise known as Appendix A to the Notice of Race.

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