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The 5 Best Jet Skis Out There Right Now

If you like kicking things up a notch when it starts getting dull and predictable, then you would want to know how to spend your day out on the lake, bay or beach with a lot more thrill than kayaking and stand-up paddleboard.

Personal watercrafts (PWC), wave runners or most commonly known as jet skis – will do just that and more. Anyone who loves riding a motorbike on concrete/dirt road must know that jet ski is no cheap thrill. It certainly brings a lingering sense of excitement that makes you want to go back out in the water every chance you get.

It may come as a surprise that choosing a jet ski perfect for you is a lot easier than it seems. You need only go for two things: quality and durability. Find one that suits your cruising style, your need for speed, stylishness, and practicalities (i.e. two-seaters or lone wolves style for maximum mph).


Pro: Low top speedbest-jet-ski-waves
Con: Tight, responsive handling
Price: $4999

Sea-Doo’s new Spark is the best jet ski on the market with a price tag far below other entry-level without compromising its performance. Don’t expect it to break any speed record because it offers less power (60 horsepower) but it definitely matches most other jet skis in the power-to-weight ratio aspect.
Highly maneuverable, weighing only a scant 405 pounds, spin it on its nose or chuck it sideways. Enjoy riding this light, affordable and fun little personal watercraft to its extent.


Pro: Comfortable, ergonomic handlebars
Con: Stand-up model
Price: $8500

This water steed is a dying breed of stand-up jet skis and it’s not exactly the most charming of the bunch. Stand-up PWCs are hard to maneuver, hard to ride but it sure is the perfect choice for those looking to fly solo and practice their daredevil stunts. The SuperJet is one of the last standing jet skis still available for purchase – with a 74 horsepower 700 cc engine, a couple of 38mm Mikuni carburetors and weighing barely over 300 pounds – it’s still one of the most exciting watercrafts out there.


best-jet-ski-lakeontario-300Pro: Four-stroke, four cylinder engine
Con: Retro-style body and deck
Price: $9700

If you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck, the Kawasaki STX-15F is the one you’re looking for. It is the best all-around PWC there is today with 160 horsepower on tap, it’s powerful enough to tow wakeboarders and water skiers, can deliver speed up to 62mph and has an excellent handling capability. Its hull has a lightweight composite construction and has a craftsmanship of Kawasaki’s racing boats. Did we mention it has a seating capacity of three people?
Belassi B3R Sport


Pro: Three-cylinder engine, GPS function
Con: Comes in only red or white, heavy
Price: $30,000

The 315-horsepower Belassi B3R Sport is currently the world’s most powerful production PWC in the world. It’s powered by a forced-induction 1.6-litre 3-cylinder engine, features a dynamic break system, a multifunction backlit display with GPS function, adjustable position handlebar and is well capable of going over 80 mph.

This mean machine is capable of seating up to 3 persons and has a dry weight of 840 pounds.


Pro: Low RPM and ecological power options
Con: Easy to overcorrect direction, falls short on reverse
Price: $15,800

Kawasaki has been producing groundbreaking crafts for years and one of its best creations by far is the Kawasaki Ultra 310x. True to its triple-digit name, at 310 ponies, still, boasts one of the biggest horsepower numbers in the game. It’s a liquid-cooled inline 4-cylinder with nearly 1,500 cc’s of displacement. Hold the throttle wide open powering up from 67 mph to 100 mph (of course with some modifications) and feel like riding a bullet. Power comes at the expense of the fuel but you have to the kind of rider/buyer whose priority is speed.


What’s your favorite jet ski? What type of jet ski do you own? Which jet ski do you recommend? What’s been your most memorable Jet Ski experience so far? Where di you jet ski for the first time?