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5 Best GoPro Alternatives To Capture Crazy Adventures

Choosing an action camera isn’t like choosing which shirt to wear for Tuesday’s card game. Your camera simply has to fit your needs, your budget, and your personality.

Let’s admit it, your go-to action camera brand would be GoPro, because it’s the easiest most convenient choice.

But isn’t it fun to be different from time to time? Whether you’re looking to be different amongst the sea of GoPro users or just want to save some bucks but still be able to capture your crazy stunts on a daily basis, we think these 5 GoPro alternatives can be just right for you.

1. Xiaomi Yi

Price: $76.99

This box-type camera has taken the action camera world by storm with its premium yet affordable proposition. It packs a 16MP Sony camera sensor with 155-degree wide-angle lens that supports 1080p video recording up to 120 fps— it really is the best camera out for there for its price.

The camera features different modes like time-lapse, selfie timer, timed video and more. The downside is you will have to buy a separate waterproof casing to take it underwater. It has wifi and Bluetooth support and can accommodate up to 64 GB of microSD card.

Accessories are also available for Xiaomi Yi on Amazon.

2. TomTom Bandit

Price: $299.99

TomTom Bandit has got to be the most innovative action camera there is today with its insanely clever editing feature and a GPS that is a first of its kind. TomTom Bandit has packed its camera with a series of sensors to not only record locations but also track speed and G-force to pick up on environmental changes such as
when something exciting happens or something extraordinary. Its sensors automatically tag the footage.

Film in 4k at 15 fps, take photos in 16MP, film non-stop for 3 hours; this bullet-shaped camera is splashproof requires a change of lens with the Dive lens cover that can be bought as an optional extra and offers up to 40m waterproofing.


3. Garmin Virb XE

Price: $399

This action camera isn’t obviously cheap as we hoped but it’s surely worth every penny. This camera is equipped with GPS tracking and motion sensors that not just sports and action enthusiasts can enjoy. The camera itself is waterproof without a casing, which means, it’s lighter than GoPro. It also has built-in Wi-Fi to connect this camera to your phone.

4. Rollei Action Cam 420

Price: $204

This is a very special German piece of engineering in a camera offers a remote control that you mount on your wrist so you can easily control the action camera in real time with just your wrist.

The camera itself takes photos at 12 MP and captures videos in various resolutions like 4k, 2k and Full HD (1080p). It has an 180-degree turn over shooting along with a time-
lapse mode. Although it’s 4k only records up until 10fps. This is still a great camera alternative to GoPro.

The amazing thing about it is it has a two-inch LCD display and that it is extremely well built with its rubberized exterior that gave it a really sturdy and nice finish. Just like GoPro, it comes with a waterproof case that you can submerge up to 40m.

The Rollei Actioncam 420 is determined to give you your money’s worth because the camera comes with the wrist remote control, waterproof case, basic mount, tripod adapter, flat and curved safety pad and a USB cable.

5. iSAW Edge

Price: $149.99

This Korean-made box-type camera is the perfect GoPro alternative if you’re looking for a feature-packed camera at a reasonable price. It has 4k video resolution at 10fps. Even though lower than most, is still okay. It’s a Sony Exmor CMOS with a16MP resolution for photos. It looks and packs features like a GoPro but is not quite.

What’s cool about it is that it is fully compatible with most GoPro mounts, has an LCD panel and it also comes with a 40m waterproof casing although it still comes with a non-waterproof housing (so you can easily see the LCD), screw-fitting lanyards and padded carry pouch and mounts for virtually every situation.


What are your thoughts? Do you own a GoPro, or do you own one of the cameras from our list above? In your experience, what do you think is most useful?